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Stuart Painter
Stuart Painter
Maintenance Manager
Through the united efforts of our tenants and resident volunteers and the support of our staff we will deliver quality service to ensure that Cotterills Farm remains a place that all residents are happy to call home.

The main driver for establishing the Co-operative and its continuing motivator is tenants wishing to have a high quality, efficient housing service that is delivered based on local needs. This desire is indicated by having achieved an exceptionally high percentage of tenants votes in favour of keeping their Right to Manage.

Key Facts and figures about Cotterills Farm Housing Management Co-operative What services does the Co-operative provide?

The Co-operative has a Management Agreement with Sandwell Council to deliver a range of housing services:
Repairs to occupied and empty homes
To ensure that tenants are comfortable and safe in their homes and that empty homes are let as quickly as possible to provide those in need with a home.

Allocations and lettings
Our properties are allocated by the Councils Choice Based letting procedures and we administer the lettings procedure to new tenants.

Rent Management
We monitor rent payment and take the appropriate action if the account is in arrears. We endeavour to work with the tenants to allow them every opportunity to sustain their tenancy. Other partners (e.g Revenue & Benefits, CAB) might be involved in this procedure.

Estate Management
Cleaning of gullies and garage sites.

Tenancy Management
We will deal with issues that might arise including resident disputes, consents, complaints or anti-social behaviour.

General Services and General Enquiries
We will respond to all enquires received at our reception by contacting the relevant departments or giving appropriate directions. Such enquiries can be from any caller that walks into reception.
Cotterills Farm Housing Management Co-operative receives allowances each year from the Council to provide these services. The Co-operative decides how the money will be spent in the best interest of tenants. The properties managed by the Co-operative are still owned by the Council and tenants are all still Council tenants with the same level of security and rights as other Council tenants.

How We Provide Services

The way we provide services and operate is govern by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and our Management Agreement between the Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell and the Cotterills Farm Housing Management Co-operative.

What About Other Services?

The Management Agreement does not cover all services provided on the estate. Some services are still provided by the Council or their partners.

Examples of these are: Although the Co-operative does not provide all services, any resident who has any issues or concerns can make an enquiry at the Estate office in Walker Street and the staff will assist if they can or will direct them to the correct department.

What Will We Be Doing To Encourage Community Involvement?

Management / Community Hub

We now have the Cotterills Farm Community hub sited. This is a separate building in the rear garden of the Cotterills Farm office in Walker Street.

This building will serve as a multi-purpose facility. Primarily it is for the Committee who undertake the running of the business but also for the use of the wider community and to enable other community groups to organise neighbourly opportunities.

Community involvement is key to us being successful in sustaining our Tenant Management status. It is also planned to generate some income by hiring out the facility to community based groups e.g. Scout movement, health promotion.

Our Values And Strategies

Cotterills Farm Housing Management Co-operative is based on encouraging of self help and self responsibility. We strive to be democratic and to treat everyone as an individual in order to meet their needs. We believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

The specific values that drive Cotterills Farm Housing Management Co-operative are: